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A collection of my work in the media.

My career spans three decades, this is just some of what I have done and am doing.
Mark Skaife:
The Illustrated History

The first of two books for Mark Skaife, The Illustrated History is a 208 page book detailing the 20 year racing career of one of Australia's all time greats. 


This book was produced in three versions, a standard hard cover, limited edition red leather and exclusive white leather - of which only 40 were produced for Mark to give to people of prominence in his career. 

Spider & Bat:
Best Friends Forever

A stalled project with books designed for sufferers of dyslexia, we have a lot more planned especially around the use of technology if we can get started. 


"Imagine life as a child not being able to read… of not being able to escape into the pages of a book, to sit with their parents and enjoy a story. To not start their dreams simply because the letters didn’t make sense, because they turned themselves around, because they jumbled as they leap off the page. This is dyslexia, and it is very real for hundreds of millions of children around the world. It affects their learning and of their desire to pursue further learning. It holds them back. It affects their future and strangles opportunity."


A short lived project that showed a unique take on motoring publishing and journalism. Unfortunately, advertising is more important than quality... 

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