About Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke is a Melbourne based journalist and book author who also provides advice on branding and marketing communications to businesses. He has written more than 20books and has contributed articles to a range of magazines and publications on topics as widespread as business and politics to all forms of sport. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Business.


He has worked in many industries, blending his love of sport and automobiles with a passion for business and change.


The majority of his business-based work today is in the legal industry where he works with lawyers to make sure they are writing for their audience, which means preparing articles on topics as diverse as compulsory acquisition and litigation, to wills & estates and family law. He also has clients involved in medical research start-ups, insolvency and accounting. 


His many years of ghostwriting for others has given him the ability to understand both a target audience and the subject matter, and he is adept at writing and editing to suit the end medium.


Other current general business clients for Andrew include financial planners, real estate agents, paint contractors, accountants, politicians and business consultants. He has written and edited books and documents for corporate clients such as A Guide to Doing Business in Australia for a law firm and Explaining FX for a major bank out in Hong Kong. The key to his success has been understanding the industry for which he is writing.


He understands business and people and the needs and requirements of stakeholders in any project. 


His sporting credentials as a writer are first class, with more than 18 books to his name and articles in a wide range of publications and websites. He is also a regular contributor to radio shows. 


He is also a coach with underage football teams and the Pakistan Shaheens which is an AFL team with the endorsement of the Pakistani government. 


He lives in Melbourne and has two young children whose personal interests inspire him. He loves Wikipedia.