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Aitken Partners Rebrand

I ran the Aitken Partners rebrand in 2022/2023, and I think we came up with something special. It is not as revolutionary as what I did with Middletons in 2004, really just a cleaning up for new equity principals. I would like to have gone further, but lawyers are lawyers.

The (almost) end result is amazing. 


For the past 100 years, Aitken Partners has provided legal services to extraordinary families and businesses across Victoria and Australia. For 85 years, it was as Aitken Walker & Strachan and for the past 15 as Aitken Partners. 

Today, we take some time to reflect on our journey as we launch our new brand, remaining Aitken Partners but with a fresh new look.

We have always proudly spoken about our commitment to sustained and quality relationships, and our research leading up to this rebrand confirmed that as a key pillar in our make-up. 

Our heritage will always be integral to our firm, and our rebrand reflects our commitment to the future as we adapt to the modern practice of law while maintaining the thing that makes us stand apart – we are a law firm with heart. 

Through the infinity symbol, we symbolise the link between heritage and future, and our firm’s ability to partner with our clients through all of the legal issues that arise in their lives. We are your legal partners for life, which is our new tagline.

We enable our clients to live their best life personally and professionally through our six pillars: 

  1. Depth of Experience

  2. Relationship Focussed

  3. Great Track Record

  4. Breadth of Experience

  5. Modern Approach

  6. Best Talent in the Business

In addition to our logo and tagline, we have revamped our website, marketing materials and other touchpoints to reflect our new branding. But while there is change, much remains the same – we are committed to delivering great outcomes and exceptional service to our clients. Our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers remains unchanged, and our core values of excellence, integrity, and client-centricity remain at the heart of everything we do. 

We are excited about the opportunities ahead as we embark on this new chapter with our rebranded identity. 

Aitken Partners

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