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EVs are not the answer

Many discussions don't suit the hashtag#EV debate, and carbonless hashtag#eFuels is the key one missed. So maybe before governments swallow the Elon Musk con and build a network that will rival Bluray, they can look at the facts. 

EVs are not carbon-neutral. That is a fact. 

Lithium for the batteries is not ethically mined (read slave labour in places), and it damages the environment, too. 

#F1 is going eFuel. Watch the world change in 2026. 

HIF Global and Forico Pty Limited have teamed up to deliver Australia´s first eFuels plant. It is expected to start producing up to 100 million litres of carbon-neutral fuels annually in 2028. 

It would be good if policymakers paid attention. This is the answer to greener motoring, not EVs with hidden damage.

Jeremy Rockliff should be shouting this deal by HIF and Forico from the rooftops. 

More info - 

PS - I have nothing to do with #HIF or #Forico, although that would be nice. I just like what they are doing. 

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