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Clarke dominates P1 and Qualifying, but…

The defunt Oran Park Raceway on iRacing
The former Oran Park Raceway in Sydney.

Oran Park is a track I have raced on before, so my knowledge of the track helped me get up to speed. It isn’t the same as in a real car in that you don’t get that light-bellied excitement of the dog leg, but you do get a sense of the rise and fall of the track.

So after a few sessions against the bots on iRacing, I can get upfront in practice and qualifying, but I’m still struggling in the races for some reason.

My real racing experience is not as extensive as some, but it should be enough. Maybe I need to play with the set-up a little more or tyre pressures to help me on that opening lap, but that first lap just doesn’t work for me.

I am in manual mode but using paddle shift at the moment rather than the ‘stick shift’ as those Stateside would say, despite the fact that the Sim allows me to use the proper gearshift. I am just learning after all.

More next week as I try out the Sim a little more.

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