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Coming Home Soon...

Updated: Jan 2

So tomorrow I start the trip home, this has been a great adventure made even more special by the performance of Shane van Gisbergen last weekend. I always believed he could win, and he did. But what I loved more was seeing a different Giz. I was excited and invested in the outcome and it is a long time since that has happened with a car race.

The NASCARChicago Street Race was everything thing I imagined and more. I hope the people of Chicago continue to embrace the race and what it brings to their city. NASCAR has done a brilliant job with media releases and relationships telling us about Chicago, it is well worth a little inconvenience, trust me, I’m not the only one who invested money in your city which is still recovering from COVID.

As for the rest of the trip. I felt very much at home in Chicago, it has a lively music scene, arts, culture, history and food! It is like an older and bigger Melbourne and a great city to visit. It is a powerhouse of industry and contributes to the US economy weIl behind its size - also like Melbourne. I just need to try and find some consultancy work in this town… to try and come back a bit and dig into the underbelly.

The Salt Shed is an amazing venue that we need to replicate in Melbourne.

Made some great news friends. Kevin from Chicago and Angela Elliott from near Chattanooga and I got to meet up with Gaspar Sciacca and Mike from The Hoodrat Recap Podcast.

Here’s some snaps. Home next week after Townsville.

Buy Auto Action for the full story.

Oh PS, 4th of July today - bonus for me.

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