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From the south...

Post #2 from America's South. When they talk southern hospitality, they mean it. It took a week to see the first aggro dickhead on the roads, we're lucky if we can go half an hour in Melbourne. Hey, did you know in a Nissan Kick you can't set a higher speed on the cruise control than 90mph?

Some stuff from Charlotte and Team Penske, then up here in Louisville with my first The Hold Steady show for the trip (3 to go) and The Watson Twins - I was offered a hug (I can't get the access in text, but I do like a southern accent) and I took it. Hey Justin Rudge do you know any country music tour promoters, they'd like to come downunder.

So the pics

- Harland Sanders Café and Museum (the first ever KFC, meaning I have now visited the work place of the two most important people in US history - Colonel Harland Sanders and Jack Daniel)

- Charlotte NC, I can tell why Scott McLaughlin is happy there

- Waterfront Park, Lousiville

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